Hi there! My name is Mariah Liisa, and I’m a graphic designer with soul (No, really, I drive a Kia Soul!).

I am passionate about design, branding, and visual aesthetics.

I approach my clients and their projects, as well as my work and trade, from a place of love.

My business is Mariah Liisa Design LLC, and I work as a freelance graphic designer in Madison, Wisconsin. I work with small businesses, entrepreneurs, start ups, and creatives to develop and maintain a strong brand identity and visual presence.

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I proudly earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, majoring in Illustration and minoring in Graphic Design.

These days I have been thoroughly enjoying the freelance lifestyle, which allows me to stay flexible with my work, and provides me with numerous ways to connect with my clients and my community.


I started my freelancing journey in the fall of 2015, and I have since realized that I am very passionate about the freelance lifestyle! I am a co-leader for Madison’s Freelancers Union Spark events, which happen on the first Wednesday of every month at 100 State. This is a wonderful opportunity to become more connected with my local freelancing community, and to give a little back to Madison.

I am also a member of a local organization called the Jills of All Trades, which brings together freelancers and those who need freelancers.

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 A few fun things about Mariah Liisa

  • My middle name, Liisa, utilizes the traditional Finnish spelling.
  • I have been dying my hair bright colors since I was 13!
  • I love to do yoga, ride bikes, take hikes, and my new active hobby: Hula Hooping!
  • I am a lover of all animals and creatures. I have owned snakes, lizards, cats and even a tarantula.
  • Personal branding is taken very seriously on this side of the screen! Most of my possessions are one of my brand colors: pink, purple or teal (or perhaps GLITTER!). Branding and designing is my business, why not brand and design every aspect of my life!?
  • I’m a PC! Growing up my father built computers, and I was surrounded by them from a young age. Internet access as a teenager opened up a world of possibility for inspiration, discovery, and for sharing my work.


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