Custom Design VS Template Design



There are many websites these days that offer ways for consumers and small business owners to take graphic design into their own hands, by way of pre-designed templates, “logo creators” and by offering design elements that can be arranged into a new creation. There are pros and cons to using pre-designed templates and hiring a designer to create a custom product for your business.

As a professional graphic designer, of course I have a bias towards hiring the right designer to get the job done. I believe that the sale of templates creates an unsavory market which undercuts professional graphic designers who need and deserve to be paid a fair wage for their skills and expertise. Take a look at these bullet points I’ve collected which analyze the pros and cons of both.

Custom Design


  • The designer will work with you to create exactly what you are looking for – Your finished product will fit your brand’s needs and solve a problem in your business.
  • Expertise in branding and in technical skill – Designers will lend their professional advice and help guide you to what will work for your audience, even if it goes against what you originally had in mind. Designers have seen a lot of great design, and a lot of bad design, and they will recommend what will work best for your brand.
  • You receive a customized design that nobody else has. Your final design will be made with care and love.


  • Usually you will have to work with your designers schedule, which can change from week to week, or perhaps they are booked out for a few weeks.
  • A professional graphic designer will charge an appropriate amount for their services, based off of their own skill level and the complexity of the design. They might only charge an hourly rate, while some designers charge by project.
  • On occasion, clients and designers may have trouble communicating or getting their ideas across. When there are too many expectations on the client’s end, it can be difficult for the designer to create exactly what they are envisioning.

Template Design


  • Quick and easy, you can usually download the template and add your information in yourself right then and there.
  • You get exactly what you see on the screen before you purchase it.
  • Usually priced very low, meaning the designer has to sell A LOT of that product before they get to see any return.


  • Other people may be using a design that is virtually the same.
  • You are probably not creating a long lasting relationship with the person designing what you’ve purchased.
  • There is a possibility that the template you purchase may not end up looking as promised, if you’re not completely familiar with putting the final work together.

Instead, create a bond with your local graphic designer, and they will get to know our business and create consistent graphics for your brand. A dedicated designer wants to do the job, do it well, and wants you coming back to re-hire them in the future! While it may seem easy to jump online and grab yourself a logo template, it can be detrimental in the long run. These templates and quick one off jobs are available to countless other people on the internet, literally anyone with internet access and a credit card.

There is a place in the world for template designs, especially for things projects that only need the design once. Personal invitations & stationary, creating collages for your home, and fliers are great uses for template design. Things that stick with your brand, like logos, infographics, and website graphics are best left to a graphic designer you trust.