Exoskeletal :: Senior Thesis Exhibition ’12

“Exoskeletal” is the name for my Senior Thesis Exhibition at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. The entire process consisted of several months of sketching, brainstorming, creating artwork, sending artwork to get printed on fabric, creating garments, and eventually bringing it all together for presentation.

I chose to explore clothing and appearance, and related my findings with the way insects and bugs use their appearance to the way people use their appearance. . Whether the motive is to stand out, blend in, or even mimic others, people make choices about the clothing they wear accordingly. I decided to create garments featuring designs of different insects and spiders. Three designs are repeating patterns, and two designs are intended to be individual T-shirt graphics.

My designs are a compilation of observational drawings and watercolor washes. The drawings were then simplified to create a more graphic aesthetic. The watercolor washes bring in an organic element. The patterns were printed on fabric through Spoonflower, and can be purchased through my Spoonflower profile.