Wild Moon Alchemy :: Logo Design

I am excited to share this logo I designed for the Etsy shop Wild Moon Alchemy. Wild Moon Alchemy provides a variety of thoughtfully handcrafted items including custom mixed herbal teas, hand cut and polished crystal jewelry and amulets, as well as tarot card readings. Because of the nature of their products, I knew that I wanted to incorporate the moon phases as a design element, as well as some foliage. The final logo design features a strong but whimsical type face, a well as a handcrafted feel. Enjoy! Links will be provided when the shop has officially launched!

Wild Moon Alchemy Paper Logo

Wild Moon Alchemy logo on photo 2

Amanda Red Weddings :: Logo Design + Branding

Mandie at Amanda Red Weddings was in need of a re-brand, and I was pleased that she came to me to assist her! She was looking to class up her brand to better match her clientele. Mandie wanted to incorporate gold foil, polka dots, and to keep her signature symbol: Two red heels. (She wears red shoes to every wedding she shoots!)

I hooked Mandie up with a new logo, using her red shoes, and created a badge-like design. She also required a few sub-marks that resembled her logo. After that, I created graphics for her to use on her website and Facebook page to keep her branding consistent.

ARW Logo Marks-01

Because she posts many photos from her weddings on her blog, we also created a few different watermark templates. Some feature her logo, some have the shoes, and a few have some gold polka dots in the corners. These are all subtle ways to keep her brand strong throughout her entire website!

ARW WaterMarks-01

Focal Point Training :: Logo Design :: Social Media Graphics

Tyler at Focal Point Training came to me with a need for a logo, so of course I hooked him up! He wanted a design that represented his personalized “black spot” hypnosis method. Focal Point Training offers a unique approach to helping you achieve your fitness goals using hypnosis and personal training. Focusing on motivation and taking steps towards personal growth, Tyler crafts a completely customized game plan for each client.

FPT Logo-01

Go follow Focal Point Training on Facebook and Instagram!

Keeping your branding consistent throughout your social media is SUPER important, so Tyler and I worked together to create graphics for his Instagram. I took a few photos of his gym, he came up with some motivational quotes, and I designed a few shareables to promote his gym and his work!

Blossom into Wholeness :: Logo Design :: Flier Design

This logo was created for Blossom into Wholeness, (Blossom for short!), a space for wellness, mindfulness, and growth. I was asked to create a design that the clean but also organic, and incorporated the number 5, which is the number of abundance. I placed 5 overlapping circles in the middle of a geometric flower shape to bring together the desired imagery. The watercolor inspired texture brings in a hand made quality, which was essential as so much of Blossom’s mission is focused around hands-on training and development.

Blossom offers a variety of events such as aromatherapy certification courses, yoga classes, energy circles, and so much more. I was honored to create this logo for a very good friend of mine and her lovely space!

“We are a heart centered and loving community of dedicated spiritual practitioners ready to serve YOU through yoga, massage, meditation, consciousness cultivation and a plethora of other offerings.”

Blossom logo on facets-01


Here are a few designs I have since done for Blossom to keep their branding consistent throughout their advertisements and fliers:

Prosperity Portal Playshop Flier

PPP June Flier Final

Yoga Weekend ad for Natural Awakenings magazine

Natural Awakenings Ad - Blossom - Mandala_Mandala Photo

Serpent Sanctuary Reptile Rescue Logo

This project is an oldie, gut a goodie! I designed this logo concept for the Serpent Sanctuary, a Wisconsin based reptile rescue while in school at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.Serpent Sanctuary Logo

Be The Young Logo Design – Madison Pop Punk

In early 2014 I was asked to create a logo for a local Madison, Wisconsin pop punk band Be The Young.
“With songs that conjure up that nostalgic feeling of a teenage summer drive while still delivering their own brand of energy and hook to stand apart among the crowd. ” – Be The Young

My goal was to create a logo that brought their ideals and their message to life; a logo that could be worn with pride by their fans like a badge.


Cinderuse Band Logo Design – Milwaukee, WI Horror Punk

This Summer I was asked to create a logo for the Milwaukee horror punk band, Cinderuse. As a friend of the band, I was excited to work on their identity and help them create a complimentary aesthetic.
“Pronounced [sin-derr-ooze], this Milwaukee band features a heavy, feel-good rock ‘n roll sound that will get you moving” – Cinderuse