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Artists Making Art

Art. Tea. Good vibes. What do these things have in common? You can find all of them at Sencha Tea Bar every Wednesday night!

Last week I attended Artists Making Art, an event run by my friend Theo. Every Wednesday Theo invites the public to gather at Sencha Tea Bar and create some art together! You can contribute to a collaborative piece, or you can bring your own art to work on. Paints, brushes and a canvas are provided, but I chose to bring along some of my paint markers an one of my favorite art supplies: GLITTER!

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While Julie,  Theo and I worked on a painting together, Onah worked on some anatomy sketching. While we worked we  chatted all about life, our struggles, and our recent successes. It was a great environment to release some stress and get to know some other artists here in Madison. If you read my last post, you’ll know that a goal of mine in 2016 is to get to know Madison’s creative community better, and attend events where I can be creative and network. Artists Making Art was the perfect opportunity for this!

Becoming a part of Madison’s freelancing community has been so rewarding and wonderful, and I’m really excited to keep digging into the local creative scene. As a roamer, I settled in Madison just over two years ago, without any intention of staying for very long. In these past two years I have made plans to move, ditched plans to move, and daydreamed about tropical climates. But by some series of events, I am still here, and honestly I’m so happy to have realized how great of a city Madison is. Since committing myself to my freelance graphic design business, I have made so many amazing connections with other freelancers, small business owners and designers. I had no idea what kind of community I was jumping into!

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Much of the networking I have done in the recent months is thanks to 100 State. 100 State is a coworking community on the Square, where members can work, network, host workshops, and every once in a while there is a huge raging party! Since the first time I ever came to visit 100 State last September, I knew I wanted to be a part of the community and get involved. Since then, I have connected with the Freelancers Union Spark events, and help to run and promote the events. These events are hosted by 100 State on the first Wednesday of every month. They are a wonderful opportunity to learn some new things about freelancing and running a small business, and to network with Madison’s local freelancer community. Please consider coming to the next event!

I would love to hear about events here in Madison that focus around creativity like gallery openings, or that teach about themes in freelancing or small business ownership. I’m always on the look out for new things to do! I’d love to keep building my community, so please find me on my social media pages to stay up to date on events I will be attending!

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