Bicycle Valentines :: A Reflection

Hi there friends! Lately I have been spending a lot of time adding designs to my Society6 page, where merchandise with my designs can be purchased. A few years back, while I was in college, I painted up these bicycle themed valentines. Since then, I’ve decided to re-design them in my current design style to bring them up to date. I thought it would be interesting to post a then & now to see how my style has changed!

“A bicycle built for two is all I need with you.”

“I’d bike around the world for you.”

“You really turn my crank.”

As you can see, in the past I created a lot of tradition work with watercolors and ink, and played around with a much grittier, tattoo inspired aesthetic. Since then my style has ‘grown up’ a bit, and I work a lot with creating typographic layouts and integrating photography. I like to think that the cleaner look suits my design style and who I am now much better. What do you think?

The new designs can be purchased as folded cards, canvas prints or framed prints on my Society6 page!