Letting Intuition Take the Reigns

The universe has ways of telling you that you’re on the right path, your true path. Learning to recognize the messages that are sent to you will not only help you appreciate when you receive them, but also to notice when you DON’T get them. Listening to your intuition, your gut feeling, and acting on it, will propel you towards your true path. This is something I learned at a young age, thanks to my mother who always told my to trust my intuition. There have been times when going against my intuition leads to pain or suffering, so I’ve learned to listen closely.

Story time:
I recently made a huge decision not to pursue a long distance move to San Diego that I had been planning for six months. I’ve moved long distances before, and was really excited to start a whole new chapter of my life in a brand new area. I had fallen in love with San Diego after vacationing there in late 2014, and was convinced that it would be my next stop in my life’s journey.

After visiting again and seeing the city from a different perspective (i.e. not through the eyes of a tourist), I began to really feel deep on my heart that it was not the right place for me.  It was not easy to succumb to the idea that maybe I shouldn’t follow through with my plans… Once I began to come around to listening to my intuition, I began the process of letting go, letting go of my plans and the image I’d created in my head of what I thought this move would bring to my life.

While it was difficult, even quite painful, to essentially pull the rug out from under myself, I knew in my heart and in my gut that it was the right thing to do. And then whole new set of challenges sprang up in front of me: the “Now what?”. By this point in my life, I have discovered that I work extremely well when I have a set goal in mind, a plan that will be going into action. Except, when happens when all of that comes to an abrupt end? You start over. Scrap you plans and all of you previous ideas. Re-asses your goals, your priorities, your desires. And once I did that, once I set my new intention, everything else seemed to fall right into place. Pretty much out of nowhere, too! I had been asking my friends and family to reassure me that I was doing the right thing when I chose not to move, which of course they did. But I also received that reassurance from the universe, when several amazing opportunities came my way.

These opportunities turned up within a week of my return from San Diego, one right after the other! And most important: it all felt RIGHT. It all felt like part of my true path, the path that I have worked so hard to figure out. In hindsight, I’m beginning to realize that forcing my life towards what I think is my true path is actually pushing me further from it. Perhaps it’s time to let the universe take the reins and start steering me towards my path, no matter where it leads.