What I Do

You might be wondering: What exactly is branding? Branding is focused around the relationship that the public and your target audience forms with your business. There are many different ways to implement branding within your business’s identity, marketing, and practices.

Branding is what makes your business matter to your audience. In general, branding follows this basic equation:

Branding = Culture + Customer

 Experience + CommunicationMariah Liisa Design Branding Diagram Gif

Culture. Customer Experience. Communication. These things will mean different things depending on the type of business, the audience, and the desired impact.

I believe that successful branding represents the heart and soul of your business. YOUR heart and soul.

I believe (scratch that, I KNOW) that authentic branding is paramount to achieving prosperity and cultivating a tribe of loyal, loving supporters. (Supporters usually turn into customers & clients!)

Your brand allows your audience to bond with your business; it is the spirit and vitality that forms connections with your target audience.

So what exactly do I do? First off, I delve into the very core of your brand & work closely with you to develop & design a strong logo. Your logo is the first step towards developing your brand identity, and how your brand will be presented to your target audience.

Building upon your identity, I’ll fulfill your brand’s graphic needs such as website headers, social media graphics, business cards, letterheads, merchandising & advertising, and so much more!

Branding does not stop there! You brand must be strongly supported throughout all of your endeavors, from the shirts your employees wear to the freebies in event swag bags, from the packaging of your product to the way you write on your website. Consistency is key!

As you can see, the work I do revolves around a few key points: Authenticity. Creating connections. Making waves.

I believe in the dreamers, the makers, the thinkers and the rebels. I also believe in YOU!

I believe in the small business owners, the freelancers,  the artists.

I believe in supporting those who are making strides towards bettering our world, and doing it in ways that honor our earth and it’s inhabitants.

Making connections with these kind of people, my people, & helping them to achieve their goals and dreams with the assistance of my skills in branding and design is my ultimate goal.

So what do you think? Want to work with me?

Contact me today!